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More Testimonials

“[The Gruber book] is the only commercial book that I’ve seen that would actually help a test-taker.”
-David Owen, Washington Post

 “Dr. Gruber’s methodology is quite a smash success.”
-Kevin Joyce, WXYZ(ABC) Radio, Detroit

“With the use of Gruber’s special techniques, students can raise their test scores significantly and increase their general learning ability.”
-Courier Journal, Louisville, Kentucky

 “Gruber clearly demonstrates his concepts in this valuable resource for students facing the SAT or any standardized test.”
-James Scholtz, Booklist

“Gary Gruber is the Guru of College Testing Programs.”
-The Light, San Antonio Texas

“This [Gruber] is the man who knows the ins and outs of testing.”
-Bob Lee, Bob Lee Magazine,
KSL Radio, Salt Lake City, Utah
“I was glad to see the focus of your book is on developing critical thinking skills, which are helpful in all walks of life, not just for taking tests.”
-Alan Ginsburg, Acting Director;
Planning and Evaluation Service,
US. Dept. of Education, Washington, DC

“The San Francisco Unified School District working with Dr. Gary Gruber implemented a controlled study course in Critical Thinking Skills for the SAT with 76 juniors, many with language problems and difficulties…The 76 students at the end of the 30-day course (a total of 60 hours) then took the SAT. The average scores were 356 Verbal and 524 Math… Thus there was an average increase of 44 points in the Verbal area and 67 points in the Math area of the test. (A Total of 111 points). This is a very significant score increase and extremely promising especially in light of the College Board’s findings that the average point gain in an SAT prep course is 10 points Verbal and 15 points in Math…Therefore, the score increase of 111 points in a 30-day period with some students increasing a score by 200 points in
each Verbal and Math area is far above the national average.”
-Linda F. Davis, Deputy Superintendent, San Francisco Unified School District

“I’ve read your Essential Test-Taking Guide for Kids Grades 3-5 from cover to cover and am amazed at what I’ve learned at age 40. Thanks for a wonderful publication!”
-Judith F. Diers, Cincinnati, Ohio
“I taught school for twenty-six years in the states and never was so interested before about math.”
-Natalie Ridgway,
St. Croix, Virgin Islands[ call-in from PBS teleconference with Dr. Gruber]

“It is amazing what you are accomplishing in developing critical thinking skills in such a short time. It is such a joy to watch my daughter’s evaluation abilities improve!”
-Carland Nicholson, Ross, California

“Thank you for taking the time to meet with the Administration. Your professional insight and industry knowledge proves valuable to the Administration’s process of developing productive policy for all Californians. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions or concerns you may have as the Administration values your thoughts and comments.”
-Tal Finney-Senior Assistant and Director of Policy to Governor Gray Davis, California

“Shep has been on the waiting list at Dartmouth for many months…I was just notified yesterday that he was accepted…Thank you again for giving him the preparation for the SAT which counted so much in Dartmouth’s evaluation of his ability and potential.”
-Quentin L. Kopp, San Francisco
California State Senator

“In just two hours, you were able to increase my son Lance’s SAT scores by 200 points!”
-Amy Loomis, Mill Valley, CA

“Because of your course, I now have an excellent chance of getting into the school of my choice.”
-Beth Kingfisher, San Francisco, CA
“Your program is superb! I’ll spread the word!”
-Gretchen Debaubigny, San Francisco, CA.

Because of my score, I received a New York State Regents Scholarship…I feel that I could not have attained such scores without the help of your program.”
-Michael Harrington, New York

“This book is probably the most scholarly, useful and complete work of its kind now on the market.”
-Henry Lewenberg, English Dept. Chairman, Channel Islands High School, Oxnard, CA
“The explanatory answers for the practice tests are superlative.”
-Bob Ingalls, English Dept.Chairman,
Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria, VA

“This is the best book I’ve seen in ages. This book not just helps you learn the material, it also teaches you what you did wrong. It gives you so many different tips on how to approach different types of problem questions. It raised my score from a 890 to a 1410. Thank you Gruber, this is the best.”
-A. Rodriguez, New York, New York Review

“If you really want to maximize your SAT score, this book is what can help you attain your goal. Not only does it thoroughly review all the elements of the SATs, it has a prominent method of finding out how you make your mistakes. P.S.: Stay away from the Kaplan and the Princeton, they misrepresent people with their “famous” names. All they are good for is teaching you stuff that you already know.”
-A reader from New Review

“This is simply a great book. It is organized into clear, concise strategies. After reading this book, I can safely say that I am confident in my math abilities. I have yet to finish the reading/writing section yet, but I am sure that it will be also good. If you don’t understand it, you’re probably just skimming through it. Don’t do that. Absorb it all, because each and every word is important.”
-DeCypher, (San Jose, Ca.) Review

“In order to teach the SAT, I need a basic teaching source that will assist me in preparing students for the examination. I have spent a great deal of time researching all of the supplemental study aids that currently exist and have concluded that yours is unquestionably the most comprehensive and easy to learn and as such, I would like to utilize your SAT books in this endeavor.”
-Henry Kim, Newark, New Jersey

“Excellent plus for the Math Refresher section and for the explanatory answers to the questions in the Practice Tests.”
-John J. Bailey, Math Dept. Supervisor, Kingston City Schools, Kingston, NY

“My kid took his first standardized test in 3rd grade and came home saying he was confused and might have a bad grade. I have been looking for
books helping young kids facing and dealing with inevitable various exams ahead and finally found the one that really makes me smile. Gruber’s
Essential Test Taking Guide is clear and straightforward with ALL examples and explanations which give both the parents and students great hints and new concepts in solving problems. I even found myself “addicted” to this guide just to want to explore what the “new” and less painstaking ways are to taking a test.” review from parent (USA)

“We find your Math review for the GMAT without a doubt to be the best comprehensive
review of mathematics available.”
-Lynne Nation, Carol Myers, Instructors, Georgia
State University, Dept. of Math & Computer Science

“A teacher who recommends an SAT preparation book should do so only if the book follows the actual exam closely in regard to format, question-types, and level of difficulty. Gruber’s new SAT is such a book.”
-Robert Frankel, Math Dept. Chairman, Tottenville High School, Staten Island, NY